Day 7 – Free Day

Today was a free day! After Mass we were free to go out on our own. We started the day with Mass at the convent where St. Theresa of Avila is entombed, and took a few minutes to tour the museum there. After that, we were free. Some of us stayed behind in Alba de Tormes, while many of us hopped on a bus and went back to Salamanca.

Those of us who returned to Salamanca all split up into smaller groups and did different things. Some went out for nicer lunches in the Plaza Mayor (the main plaza, or city square). A few of us decided to find some comfort food, a little taste of home, and indulged in some much-missed fast food. As wonderful as all the food is here, and as great of an opportunity as we have to sample the local culture and cuisine, there is something to be said for ordering a Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets, with fries and a Coke. 🙂

From there, many of the men wandered around the city to do some shopping, eventually all making our way back to the Cathedral for a holy hour. Just as it was yesterday, it was a great place to pray, with few people in there as tourists. Praise God for such a great opportunity.

Eventually everyone found their way back to Alba de Tormes for dinner, and preparations to leave the next day. All in all, a much needed relaxing and prayerful day off.


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